Me an[D]

The premiere of the piece Me an[D], for piano and MIDI soundtrack, performed by the South African pianist Coila Enderstein at a KEMUS Concert, 15 September 2015, at the Fismer Hall Stellenbosch as part of the Kompos Symposium.

Listen to a `live` recording of the piece here


Double Bass Concerto

The premiere of this concerto, composed for bassist Brydon Bolton and the South African New Music Ensemble (SANME), will take place  at the New Music Indaba (RSA) on the 25th of July 2015.



Listen to a ‘live’ recording of the performance here.


Samsa Masjien


The launch of the text (Willem Anker) and music (Pierre-Henri Wicomb) of this play in book-accompanied-by-cd format will take place at the Protea Book Shop, on the 16th of May 2015 in Stellenbosch. Published by Protea.

Samsa boek          

Exploring the World Project

Concert in Vienna by Ensemble Reconsil at the Joseph Haydn Hall on 1 October 2014, playing the music of South Africa and Spain. The three South Africans performed at this event (world premieres) are Clare Loveday, Michael Blake and Pierre-Henri Wicomb (Your Mother’s Molecules) .



Premiere of Later Than Yellow

Talk and performance of  the piece Later than Yellow by Pierre-Henri Wicomb at the SASRIM Conference at WITS University, September 2014.