• Wicomb is working on a new piece for piano and soundtrack for the Polish pianist Joanna Wicherek for the Bowed Electron festival 2020.
  • Wicomb is working on the soundtrack for the Nicola Hanekom site-specific play Mirre en Aalwyn and new MNet/Showmax film  Rage  created by Kapp/Bouwer.
  • Pierre-Henri is working on an opera for the Swiss free improvising duo InterZones in combination with an ensemble/tape, as part of his PhD, to be premiered at the Woordfees/Literary Festival 2021.
  • Pierre-Henri  is part of the free improvising group Room 11. The  group focuses on finding common ground between  improvising and drawing and ways of merging / combining these two  mediums.
  • Wicomb is working on a piece for accordion for the German instrumentalist Eva Zollner
  • Wicomb is working on the performance of his horn and electronics piece together with the Swedish musician  Sören Hermansson.
  • Wicomb is planning a piece for flute and soundtrack (MIDI) for the Cape Town instrumentalist Louisa Theart (2016-2018).
  • Wicomb is working on a collaborative piece for the South African Clarinetist Visser Liebenberg
  • Wicomb is working on an interactive [web] piece in collaboration with the South African film maker, novelist, poet and fine artist Aryan Kaganof.