• Pierre-Henri is working on an opera for the Swiss free improvising duo InterZones in combination with an ensemble or tape, 2015-2019. This is part of his Integral PhD proposal.
  • Wicomb is working on the soundtrack for the KykNet/Showmax Afrikaans series Waterfront directed by Jaco Bouwer.
  • Pierre-Henri  is part of the free improvising group Room 11. The  group focuses on finding common ground between  improvising and drawing and ways of merging / combining these two  mediums.
  • Wicomb is working on a piece for accordion for the German instrumentalist Eva Zollner, 2014-2015.
  • Wicomb is working on a string quartet [proposal] for the Daedalus Quartet, 2015-2016.
  • Wicomb is planning a piece for flute and soundtrack (MIDI) for the Cape Town instrumentalist Louisa Theart (2016-2017).
  • Wicomb has started to collaborate with the Ginger Ensemble in Switzerland working on  an installation piece (3X3X3) for the city of Bern  with a possible inclusion in the Bern Musikfestival
  • KROM 2016  a new collaborative art movement together with Elisabeth Kramer specialising in art trailers of video works of Kramer.
  • Wicomb is working on an interactive composition, The Gathering, for the opening of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Africa Open